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Replacement boilers

Cut your heating bills by up to £300 a year with an energy efficient boiler and reduce the risk of a boiler breakdown in the heart of winter. Inefficient central heating systems can be operating at just 70%, wasting your hard-earned money and dragging you into fuel poverty.

What’s more, older boilers are prone to faults and call-out charges alone can escalate to £200 a time. With a new boiler you’ll have peace of mind, keep your home warmer and reduce your expenditure.

Replacing your old boiler is great for the environment too, cutting carbon emissions by as much as 1,220kg annually. On top of this you’ll also be saving more space in your home with a modern combi boiler and benefit from hot water on demand, without having to wait for it to heat up.

  • Slash your heating bills by up to £300 a year
  • Cut your home’s carbon footprint by as much as 1,220kg a year
  • Keep your property warmer all year round
  • Reduce the risks of a boiler breakdown when you need heat most
  • Benefit from hot water on demand throughout the day
  • Save space in your home by removing a water storage tank

Boilers in the UK

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